Sunday, June 8, 2014

"League of Legends Texture-Maps" - Nerdy Observations

Following up on the last post of mine, I didn't want to limit myself in what I wanted to analyze - and this time I've dug a little into some recent updated texture-maps of League of Legends, that a classmate of mine showed to me. We discussed it a little, but I wanted to dig deeper into what was actually going on - and personally, I find that I made a few discoveries. They may not be new to you, and several of these concepts I've heard many times before - but as I see these principles applied in artwork like this, it reinforces my knowledge and makes me aware of these things, for my own artwork as well.

For me, one discovery was how effective and necessary "Areas of Rest" vs. "Areas of Interest" is, to not to have visual clutter in a picture. Another discovery was how far one can take the concept of big, medium, small to. And how that also helps the eye focus on what one wants to show. Lastly, I find that adding "clues" in the environment to hint at what comes next, must be a great tool for artists.

I sincerely hope you enjoy my discoveries as much as I love to do them and share them.


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